Bullet Club Worldwide the NWO Degeneration x Kliq 


paying homage to the nWo, members of Bullet Club began using the stable's signature "Too Sweet" hand gesture. 


The BULLET CLUB formed in May 2013,

The group was formed in May 2013, when Irish wrestler Prince Devitt turned on his partner Ryusuke Taguchi and came together with American wrestler Karl Andersonand Tongan wrestlers Bad Luck Fale and Tama Tonga to form a villainous stable of foreigners, which they subsequently named "Bullet Club"


The NWO Formed in July 7, 1996

founding members Scott Hall (founding member, sided with nWo Hollywood after split)Kevin Nash (founding member, leader of nWo Wolfpac after split)Hulk Hogan/Hollywood Hogan (leader and founding member, leader of nWo Hollywood after split)


Bullet Kliq

  • Bullet club Worldwide the NWO Degeneration x Kliq